Day 17: Meet your neighborhood construction worker

Day 17: Meet your neighborhood construction worker

Good afternoon, brick fans! It’s the middle of the week, construction rolls on, and frankly, we wanted to know: Who are these people? Like, really. Who are they? So, Brick Watch stopped one. We’d like to introduce you to Chip Dudley.


Name: Chip Dudley

Age: 41 years old

Originally from: Charlottesville

Title: Laborer; he maintains the barrier fences and does some PR work answering questions from passersby.

In his spare time he: Hangs out with his boys, ages 15 and 16. "But," he says, "we’re here working six days a week!"

If he could have dinner with any person dead or alive, he’d dine with
: His father.

Favorite ice cream flavor: Vanilla

One thing no one knows about him? "I’m really very shy," he says.

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