Day 116: This is the end


In The Sound of Music, when the von Trapp family wanted to say goodbye, they’d line up and sing a song.

When Lawrence Welk wanted to end a show, a gaggle of performers with perfectly coiffed hair and matching outfits would sing their way to the closing credits.

And when Brick Watch decides it’s time to call it quits, we think singing is also the best option. JK! We choose to create a video interview with (who else?) Chris Weatherford and test out some high heels on our brand-new bricks. Plus, we give you one heck of a playlist with all 20 BW videos! Let’s start now.

Hey brickies? We sure have enjoyed ourselves. We’ll check in every now and then (read: Monday and Tuesday) as developments arise (read: City Council convenes to evaluate the project). But—much like the Mall—for all intents and purposes, we’re done.

If we haven’t said so already, we’ve had a great time and we hope we’ve left a lasting brickpression on your hearts. We’ll see you again real soon. …On the Mall. Naturally.