Day 109: The Weatherford cast says…

Day 109: The Weatherford cast says…

Lucky for us, local brickmaster Chris Weatherford unwittingly dropped by Brick Watch headquarters this morning just as we were downloading these pics from the brickphone:

Disassembled barriers at the 100 east block.

Workers at the 100 east block.

This picture was an accident.

With only a week to go, BW grilled Chris for answers and he gave us this update: Everything is going smoothly. Crews should be done by the expected deadline of May 1 (next Friday!), meaning bricks down, barriers down and all. …Well, not so fast. Chris told us that the barriers by the Omni may stay up a little longer. Why? "We don’t know yet," he says. "There’s a big bump in the middle of the slab. We’ll cut out a piece, flatten it out and then it won’t be an issue. Hopefully it’s just the way they poured the old concrete."

Until then, crews are focusing on finishing up the crossings at First, Third and Fourth streets and replacing the temporary chain-link fence at Second Street (next to the Landmark Hotel) with 4′ fencing. We’re just guessing, but 4′ is probably not tall enough to hide the eyesore that is that sad "hotel." Whaddya think?

Crew members are laying brick at the Third Street crossing.