Day 102: Brick brick brick

Day 102: Brick brick brick

(Disregard the title of this post; it’s an inside joke Brick Watch and Feedback came up with this morning. You had to be there.)

Today, dear bricksters, is April 17. Or, as we here at Brick Watch headquarters call it, Dave Matthews Band Concert Day 1. (Tomorrow, April 18, will be Dave Matthews Band Concert Day 2, naturally.) Now, we admit, until this morning (or, more precisely, yesterday at 8:17pm), we weren’t necessarily too excited about the show. But since obtaining a ticket last eve, we’ve been touched by the DMB spirit and decided this morning to search for a connection between Dave (you don’t mind if we call you that, do you Dave?) and our lovely bricks.

…We didn’t really find anything (except the obvious). But we did notice that Dave’s Bama Works Village Recovery Fund partnered with CARE to provide Sri Lankan villages with the opportunity to start or improve upon income-generating activities—one of which is skilled labor, like brick making.

And since everything on the Mall is running so smoothly, we set our sights on something bigger. We thought, we can find all this stuff about Dave online, but hey! We’re famous too! What of Brick Watch on the Internet?

First, we found this:

A "Brick Watch"…get it?


Then this…


Another Brick Watch? Say it ain’t so! And then we realized…they’ll never fill the same void in your hearts, lovelies. A house made of bricks is one thing, but a blog dedicated to a brick pedestrian mall? That really tugs at your heartstrings. So much, in fact, that we had a fan drop by this afternoon to tell us what a great job we’re doing. (We’re not even making that up.)

Speaking of heartstrings…Dave, if you’re out there: Brick Watch will be in the audience Saturday night. Now, we’re not saying you have to, but if you want, go ahead and give us the signal if there’s a bit of a lull. We’ll know what it means.