Dave Matthews launches California wine line


What pairs better with steak, AC/DC’s Australian Black Shiraz or Kiss’s Miramonte Cabernet Sauvignon? Was 2006 a good year for Motörhead’s Chilean Merlot? Does Silk Degrees sound better after a bottle of Scaggs Vineyard Rosé?

Now that Dave Matthews has made another foray into the wine business, DMB fans can ask these questions and more of The Dreaming Tree, a range of California Chardonnays, Cabernet Sauvignons and “red crush blend” wines named for a track off of 1998’s Before These Crowded Streets. Though Dave is no amateur when it comes to wine—he founded Albemarle County’s own Blenheim Vineyards in 2000—this time, he enlisted the help of award-winning Sonoma County Winemaker Steve Reader. The Dreaming Tree range is available throughout the U.S. for about $14.99 a bottle.

Reader on Dave: "He approaches his music and his fans similar to the way that I approach my wines… be genuine, be honest and give them the best show that they can have."