Court releases auction bidders for Landmark Hotel property


An in-court auction of Halsey Minor’s Landmark Hotel property is on schedule for 11 a.m. Monday, June 18, and the names of the three companies who will vie to buy the lot and the eyesore on it have been released.

Little information is available on the lead bidder, Deerfield Square Associates, which set the bar with an opening bid of $3.5 million. Deerfield appears to be an Atlanta-based real estate investment company.

J.B. McKibbon, Ltd., associated with a southern hotel management group based in Tampa, also pledged a minimum bid, as did TRT Holdings, Inc., parent company of the Omni Hotel Group and Gold’s Gym.

Conspicuously absent: former Minor partners Tim Dixon and Lee Danielson, both of whom had expressed interest in reviving the Downtown hotel project.

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