Cavs nab first-round win…in some tournament [March 19]

Cavs nab first-round win…in some tournament [March 19]

It was a night full of the excitement that only the College Basketball Invitational (CBI) can bring. To quote Whitelaw Reid of The Daily Progress, UVA “played one of its most lethargic, uninspired games of the season before getting its act together.” And if you’ve been paying attention this season, the bar for uninspired, lethargic games has been set fairly high.

Dave Leitao and the Cavs barely slipped by the University of Richmond on Tuesday night.

Or low. Whatever.

Still, UVA won its first-round game against the University of Richmond 66-64, making a forgettable season a little less forgettable. The Cavs will apparently play someone in the second round of the CBI, though we can’t be bothered to look up the CBI brackets, as we’re busy filling out our NCAA tournament brackets.

O.K., fine. UVA will play Old Dominion University on March 24 at a time to be determined, presumably because tournament organizers are still attempting to convince both teams to keep playing.