Because basketball sucks… [February 9]

Because basketball sucks… [February 9]

There’s no wrong way to write a UVA Football press release, especially if the occasion is to announce the schedule for the 2008 season. And, from the looks of the schedule, there’s an awful lot to get your oversized foam fingers in a twist over: eight teams that made trips to bowl games in 2007, a home opener against the University of Southern California Trojans (11-2 and a Rose Bowl win last year). And, according to the release, games against “three bowl championship subdivision non-conference opponents.” Er, yay? Those of you already packing your pregame coolers can slow down; season tickets go on sale February 22.

Soon-to-be sophomore quarterback Peter Lalich and his fellow Cavs will take the field against eight teams that played in bowl games this past season.

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