August 2009: Instant Decorator

August 2009: Instant Decorator

Tray chic

If you’re a true Recessionista, you know the benefits of repurposing. This month’s project, then, is tailor-made for you. What was once an old tray now becomes a kitschy—yet chic—bulletin board, complete with magnets, for all your last-minute reminders. The best part? It’s almost embarrassingly easy.—Caite White

Materials: One metal tray (found at Goodwill or a local thrift store); super glue; saw tooth picture hanger; nail.

Tool: Hammer.

Glue picture hanger to the back of the tray.

Hammer a nail into the wall.

Hang the tray on the nail.

Materials: Three big buttons; super glue; small, round magnets (found at any craft store).

Glue button onto a magnet.