April ABODE raises the stakes


Greetings, eco-pals. The new issue of ABODE’s just come out, and so here I am with your green highlight reel, starting with:

Books! Yes, perhaps counter-intuitively for the most beautiful time of year, I encourage you to put your nose in a book–specifically, one of the eight we spotlight in this issue. I’ve already told you about one (no, two!) of those. There’s also a guide to making your yard into an edible garden, plus tomes on flower arranging and design and cooking. All the stuff we at Green Scene love.

Also check out Lisa Reeder’s column on this month’s local food: goat cheese. Ah yes, the Champagne of cheese (if I may be permitted to wildly mix my metaphors). As always Lisa ably explains not only how to eat the stuff, but brings you the background you need to eat it knowledgeably. She’s just wrapping up a course in goat cheese through the Local Food Hub, so you know she knows from goat cheese.

Cathy Clary, our longtime garden expert, continues last month’s discussion of invasive species–a thorny (sorry) issue for any green-minded gardener. And there are tons of events listed in the Green Scene and News parts of April ABODE, from fruit-growing workshops to the big Home and Garden Show, to which more and more eco-oriented vendors show up every year.

All this and more, friends. Read, comment, and be in touch.