A stitch will be mine


I think people who know how to sew are really cool.

I mean, think of it. When they need curtains, they whip up some curtains. When they need a present for someone, they make an apron or a shirt or a tea towel, totally custom. When they get tired of their throw pillows, they can make new ones (or covers for the old ones) in no time.

This Christmas will mark two years since I received a very nice sewing machine as a gift, and I’ve yet to figure out how to use it. This makes me feel kind of dumb. But I’m not giving up hope; the time will come when I make friends with that old Singer, and then–mark my words–I will be greener.

Not only will I be able to repair stuff, I’ll be able to make stuff. Like, for example, I wanted to make my daughter a stocking for Christmas this year, and never got to it. I fear this will cause her grandmother to buy her a stocking. When I learn to sew, I will be able to prevent such tragedies by swooping in with my handmade stocking.

But check it: Even the hippie Martha Stewart, Soulemama, doesn’t get her baby’s stocking made in time!

Here’s to new skills, lofty goals, and better ways to get what we need in 2012.