A running list: signs of spring!


One thing I love about Virginia is that late February isn’t too early to start cataloging signs of spring. I’m noticing lots already, and I’d like to know what other folks are picking up on.

Bad news first: We’ve got ladybugs massing on the south-facing windows and, on the warmer days, absolute hordes of stinkbugs in the house. I’m glad they’re feeling peppy! And I’m even gladder to drown them in a bottle of vinegar.

Now the good news. With the higher temperatures, we’re burning much less wood for heat.

They’re back!

Our winter cold-frame crops are returning to some sort of viability, with longer days coaxing them to finally grow a little. We actually picked and ate a salad, with mustard greens, mizuna, and spinach.

Robins are showing up in big flocks near our house. And I woke early this morning to wrens, cardinals and titmice singing outside. Lovely!

We’re just about through one half of our garlic stash for the year. Looks like we’ll make it to July, when we harvest the next round. Right now, those plants are sporting about 3" leaves, soon to start growing in earnest.

A couple of our chickens are molting, and their egg production is pretty slow.

Wild onions have come up around the yard, I’ve seen forsythia blooming here and there, and crocuses can’t be far behind.

Our seeds came in the mail! Hooray for heirloom tomatoes and dill and muskmelon!

And of course, I know spring is near when I get itchy to be outside and plant things, hang laundry out, take hikes, sit on the porch, and make our outdoor areas nicer for hanging out.

What are you noticing, readers? Add your spring-feverish observations below and we’ll keep a running tally.