ABODE breaks all the records


ABODE comes out today, folks, and I feel a special burst of pride over this month’s edition of the little rag I edit. We had the chance to put together an extra-huge issue this time, meaning more info, more local faces, and more greenie goodness for all you readers out there.

Jeff Sties, architect and owner of Sunbiosis. Photo by Ashley Twiggs.

Our cover story is about Bundoran, the big development near North Garden that’s meant to be a lot more sustainable than your average housing tract. Two of the four houses currently built or under construction there were designed by that guy right up there. Jeff will give a presentation at the Home & Garden Show on Saturday at 5pm (it’s at the John Paul Jones Arena), and yours truly will be on hand to introduce him.

Also in the issue: a list of essentials for the green household, advice from Lisa Reeder about cooking with mustard greens and seeds, and an absolute landslide of green events happening this month. (Eco-Fair!)

Finally, I have some very exciting news. This blog is going in print! Yes! In the April ABODE is the debut of my new Green Living column, which will take inspiration from and expand on this blog. Starting April 13, it’ll appear in every issue of C-VILLE. On, let it be said, 100 percent recycled paper.