Wish you were here: Photo contest winners capture life in Charlottesville

3rd Place: Lydia Wilson 3rd Place: Lydia Wilson

There are many Charlottesville scenes that belong on a postcard: the grounds of UVA, the rolling fields of Albemarle, the bustle of the Downtown Mall. But, for this year’s photo contest, we wanted to be transported—not just to a place that’s pretty as a picture but to a moment in time. We asked for shots of local scenes, and what rose to the top were those that captured the experience of living in Charlottesville, not simply admiring it. The winners take us from a window watcher on West Main to a sunset ski session on the Blue Ridge Parkway to a Scottsville institution, and instantly transport us to a fleeting scene in our local landscape. Can you picture it?

Gordon Dalton won a $100 gift card to Shadwell's for his 2nd place prize.
2nd place: Gordon Dalton
1st place:  Jon Ciambotti
1st place: Jon Ciambotti

Honorable mentions:

Honorable Mention - Malcolm C. Andrews
Photo: Malcolm C. Andrews
Honorable Mention - Anna Sullivan
Photo: Anna Sullivan
Honorable Mention - Natalie Krovetz
Photo: Natalie Krovetz


More than 40 photographers sent in over 225 submissions for this year’s photo contest. A $250 gift card to Pro Camera goes to the first place winner (above), second place gets a $100 gift card to Shadwell’s and the third place winner earns a $50 gift card to Cafe Caturra.