We'll drink to that

The who, what, how and why of imbibing in Charlottesville—from sours to Savennières

Photo: Tom Daly

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Hemingway was a mighty drinker, but he never said — and never would have said because he never wrote while soused — “Write drunk, edit sober.” That line is a truncation from the novel “Reubern, Reuben” by Peter DeVries and whose main character is modelled after Dylan Thomas.

Andi Campbell
Andi Campbell

From the title, I expected a Cville drinking guide. It was only when I was part of the way through that I re-read the intro and realized that this disjointed set of vingettes is supposed to be the first in a booze-related series. Hoping future articles will address beer (arguably Cville’s most popular beverage) and include more of a focus on affordable suggestions (e.g., dive bars and $15 bottles of local wine, rather than Octagon and $100 prix-fixe meals).