This Week: The mother load

This Week: The mother load

The first time I met Kelly Cox, she was sitting on a green exercise ball with a baby in each arm. She bounced both babies on her knees while two moms in front of her held their yoga poses. Cox, co-owner of Bend Yoga, offers classes for moms from pregnancy to post-birth, as well as support groups that center on topics such as postpartum depression and breastfeeding. Cox, also a doula who helps mothers throughout the birthing process, aims to connect women with resources in the area–whether with single practitioners or classes at hospitals—so they don’t feel so alone in their journey.

In this week’s feature (p. 21), you’ll meet moms who are striving to juggle it all: multiple children, returning to work after having a baby and finding time for a few quiet moments to recharge. Many of them say they benefit from support groups—whether informal or formal—to share their concerns and advice with. Cox likens this to when
children were raised in communities—and these support systems were built into our daily lives. “It takes a village to raise the village,” she says.—Jessica Luck

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