This way to winter: 7 Charlottesville sledding spots

Photo: Elli Williams Photo: Elli Williams

The best way to take in a winter wonderland? By barreling down a snow-covered hill so fast you feel like you’re flying. Grab your sled (or, go old school—a trashcan lid’ll do!) and hit these mini-slopes around Charlottesville.

O Hill

See if you can get a student to swipe you a cafeteria tray before taking on this course.

The Dell

Another popular UVA sledding spot. You might catch a snowball fight here if you’re lucky.

Meade Park

Whoosh down this hill at the corner of Meade and Chesapeake. Just be careful not to run into the jungle gym.

Washington Park

The mother of all sledding hills, Washington Park has room enough for everyone.

McIntire Park

Not all 125-plus acres of this city park are sleddable, but head to the botanical garden for a smooth slope.

Burley Middle School

With tiers built into the field at Burley, sledding this spot is like riding a rollercoaster!

Walker Upper Elementary

Take your place atop this tame but lengthy slope and slide on down.