VIDEO: What it means to be a millennial

VIDEO: What it means to be a millennial

In this C-VILLE Live video, we sat down with millennials—both “old” and “young” millennials—to discuss the perception of their generation, what they want to be known for and what the bring to the table in terms of the future of society. Both C-VILLE staff and people we interviewed for this week’s cover feature sat in on the discussion.


2:00: What our panelists think about the words people used to describe millennials

4:10: Millennials are concerned about what jobs will be available when they graduate

5:25: What do you think of when you hear the word millennial?

8:07: Discussion of TIME covers from other generations

11:17: We read what readers said the legacy of the millennial generation will be

15:24: Effect of technology on millennials’ jobs

18:49: What do you think this generation will be known for and what do you want it to be known for?

22:20: What millennials are using social medio for

25:11: The important of cell phones to the next generation and the millennial generation

28:46: Millennials are a nostalgic generation

32:05: Why do millennials document everything with photos?

35:27: How do millennials get their news?

41:03: Print versus digital: Do you still read hard copies?

43:58: The use of laptops in the classroom