UVA students dish on what restaurants they’ll miss the most

UVA students spill about what local eateries they'll miss the most. Photo: Staff, Jack Looney, Courtesy of subjects UVA students spill about what local eateries they’ll miss the most. Photo: Staff, Jack Looney, Courtesy of subjects

We all know about the “Things to Do Before You Graduate” list, but here’s something that might be even more difficult to tackle: Eat at every restaurant before you graduate. In honor of final exercises this weekend, we asked UVA students which local restaurants they will miss the most when they leave C’ville. Did your favorites make the list? Tell us in the comments below.

Owen McHugh, second-year

Revolutionary Soup

“The music and service are great. It has a good social and study environment.”

Aaida Tesfa, third-year


“I love the atmosphere at Bizou. It’s got a diner-vibe with amazing food.”

Isaac Mackey, teaching assistant

Littlejohn’s Deli

“Each and every sandwich is delicious, which most people never learn because they assume their first choice is the best and never deviate. The staff is exceptionally friendly and the space is authentic and inviting.”

Haley Boschert, third-year

Blue Moon Diner

“I’ll really miss the quirkiness and how I automatically felt at home.”

Katie Lang, third-year


“I’ll miss Feast! and the Main Street Market in general, because I really enjoy their focus on local producers and high-quality sourcing. Their café, while fairly simple, uses creative ingredients to create a really thoughtful palate of flavors.”

Karlyn Dunne, Curry School of Education graduate student


“Unfortunately, after four years being spoiled by Bodo’s and their soft, doughy bagels, any other bagel tastes like hard, round bread.”

Claire Frank, second-year

Got Dumplings

“I’m going to miss it because I can’t get bubble tea back home and their dumpling soup is pretty great.”

Andrew D’Amato, Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy graduate student


“The burgers are so delicious and their service is top-notch. Also, their milkshakes are delicious and a great way to end a dinner out.”

Charles Hancock, fourth-year


“It’s high-quality, affordable and totally reliable for any meal of the day.”

Raven McKenna, third-year

Revolutionary Soup

“I love breakfast food, but it’s not hard to find that anywhere. Rev Soup is a concept I’d never seen before, but I love it.”

Miranda Myers-Burton, third-year

The Flat

“Because crêpes.”