Full Exposure Films

PICK: The Lavender Scare

Seeing purple: As the Cold War and McCarthyism were dominating headlines in the mid-20th century, another cultural persecution was taking place covertly in tandem with the Red Scare. Jefferson-Madison Regional Library and the University of Virginia’s LGBT Committee present a screening of The Lavender Scare, a documentary narrated by Glenn Close that tells the story […]

PICK: Monticello Fall Plant and Nursery Sale

Sowing the seeds: Take your faith in mother nature to the next level in 2021 with perennials such as rattlesnake master, globe thistle, and Virginia bluebells, courtesy of the Monticello Fall Plant and Nursery Sale. The popular annual event is taking safety precautions that include pre-registration, limited occupancy, and time limits that allow each guest 45 […]

Poet-M.D. Irène Mathieu is the featured speaker for Friday's virtual Creative Mornings gathering. Publicity image.

PICK: Creative Mornings with Irène Mathieu

Healing words: Creative Mornings has been connecting art and maker communities since 2008. The international series offers unique insights into the topics that bind us, through small gatherings in public spaces around the globe. Pre-COVID, CM promoted a belief in “face-to-face connections, in learning from others, in hugs and high fives,” but it pivots online […]