To top it off: Hip, fresh rental option Emerson James enters the scene

Photo: Elisa Bricker Photo: Elisa Bricker

Planning a wedding means thinking about how best to represent the two of you as a couple, down to the very last cup. But how do you set your wedding apart when you’re pulling from the same resources as everyone else? That was a question local industry vets Mallory Joyce, a wedding planner and florist, and photographer Elisa Bricker had, too, so they set about solving the problem.

“I had been helping clients design their tablescapes for their weddings and was discouraged by the lack of new and unique pieces available to them locally,” Joyce says. “Elisa had been thinking of opening a boutique of housewares.” They combined their efforts and, with some inspiration from West Coast event designers, launched Emerson James, a rental company that specializes in fresh tabletop wares.

The resulting collection is a highly curated trove of chargers, china, flatware, glassware and accessories in the owners’ signature style, which they call “fresh, timeless, unexpected and inviting.” And, like a closet of outfits, the selection is designed to mix and match, so that a marble dinner plate might look just as at home atop an organic-edge wooden charger as it would on wicker.

“There are already wonderful companies renting linens, furniture and large-scale kitchen and barware,” says Joyce. “We see EJR providing beautiful pieces to elevate your event and complete your design.”