This month’s artisan: Woodworker Fred Levering

Photo courtesy Fred Levering Photo courtesy Fred Levering

Having come home to his calling as a woodworker, Fred Levering is now selling his wares through a number of local shops: The Happy Cook, The Barn Swallow, The Artful Lodger, Curious Orange, and Vivian’s, among others. Hunt for him there or contact him directly: 202-8887 or

What kinds of objects do you make?
Primarily I make “live edge” coffee and side tables, mostly with steel bases. Also I make a variety of bowls, platters, cheese and cutting boards in a hand carved fashion out of both local and exotic woods from all over the world.

Describe the style of your work in five words or less.
Organic, experimental, eclectic, nature-based.

How did you become a woodworker?
After way too many years in other pursuits I finally came to my senses and now devote myself full time to my true calling—recycling old wood into something useful in the home. I can sometimes be found stumbling through the woods of Albemarle County determined to make even an old stump come alive again.

What’s your favorite thing you’ve made in the past year?
My favorite piece is a huge slab of very old English Oak Burl with live edge all the way around, which is now a dining table with a sweeping steel base. It’s at the Barn Swallow.

What’s an object that you love in your home that you did not make?
Twenty years after the fact I came across my old Woodstock ticket from 1969—thought it was long gone, only to discover it was still in an equally old wallet. It is now proudly framed.