The family that texts together, stays together!

The family that texts together, stays together!

In the modern world, nothing magnifies the ever-expanding geographies that separate our families like the holiday season; thankfully technology is bridging that gap. Text, video, and good ol’ fashioned conversation warms hearts and keeps us grounded during the holidays. And let’s face it, your mom’s going to love to hear from you, get photos of the kids, and try her hand at “lol” shorthand.

So how do you spread cheer long-distance? The answer to your question is nTelos.

· Gift Cards
A gift card says, “I know you loved that toaster I got you last year, but this time I’ll let you make the call.” nTelos Wireless is offering a selection of affordable smartphones and plans this season that will redefine gift card giving: Not only can you hook up your kid with cards for mobile services like Skype, but apps like Google Wallet and Square Wallet will store your gift card information on your phone so you can free up space in your real wallet for mustache combs and lucky coins, maybe.

· Video
Home videos during the holidays are a tradition, on par with the turkey dinner nap. nTelos Wireless’ data plans make sharing video easy. Take a 1080p HD video of a hilarious holiday mishap with your iPhone 5 and post it to YouTube for the whole family to enjoy. Or mix a little old with a little new by sending an old-fashioned greeting card in the old-fashioned mail, outfitted with an uniquely generated QR code from The QR Code Generator, linking to a personalized website. For the less ambitious, just send `em a text message.

· Live Chat
Think the miles that separate are going to prevent you from opening the presents together? nTelos Wireless provides phones and plans to run Video Chat apps like Facetime, Skype, and Oovoo to bring you all together. Chat it up with up to 12 devices at once! So no matter how many or how far away, you can still gather `round the hearth.

So when the in-laws get rowdy with the eggnog, know that nTelos will allow you to not only sneak that pic of Cousin Eddie, but also post it to Facebook and let everyone in your circle know they’re not alone this holiday, but more connected than ever!

Happy holidays!

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