UVA Drama

Each element of this production, from the sets to costumes to lighting and sound design, is wildly, wonderfully creative. Photo by Martyn Kyle

Game winner: UVA Drama’s She Kills Monsters uses family, grief, and fantasy to tell a coming-of-age story about acceptance

The year is 1995, “Friends” is all the rage, and Tilly Evans is “the most uncommon form of nerd in the world”—a girl-nerd who loves Dungeons & Dragons. So begins She Kills Monsters, the 2011 comedy-drama by Qui Nguyen. Known for his innovative use of pop culture, stage violence, puppetry, and multimedia, Nguyen transports us […]

Aaryan Balu, Ingrid Kenyon (center), and Tori Kotsen play Dungeons & Dragons in the UVA Drama production of She Kills Monsters. Photo by Martyn Kyle

ARTS Pick: She Kills Monsters

Fantasy rolls: Written by Qui Nquyen, the play She Kills Monsters tells the story of Agnes, a teen who embarks on a fantastic journey after her younger sister, Tilly, dies unexpectedly. Agnes finds Tilly’s Dungeons & Dragons notebook and dives into her sister’s world of fairies, ogres, and dwarves, and begins to understand that she […]

Directed by Dave Dalton, UVA Drama’s production of "Lungs" features three different casts performing on separate evenings. Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Lungs

Fatal thaws: The decision to bring a child into the modern world, with its escalating climate change and varying degrees of global unrest, is the foundation of Duncan Macmillan’s smart, funny drama Lungs. Set on a bare stage, the play unfolds through a heart-to-heart talk between partners who debate with ferocity and vulnerability the pros […]