The Southern Cafe & Music Hall

The Way Down Wanderers play up the positive vibes at the Southern on Tuesday. Publicity image.

ARTS Pick: Way Down Wanderers

Sweethearts of the road: It can be tough to stand out in the field of bluegrass with all the talented players currently on the road, but The Way Down Wanderers have found a sweet spot in the mix. The Peoria, Illinois, band relies on exceptional musicianship and a family-like bond with fans to get heard […]

Filmore explores new country at the Southern on Saturday. Publicity image.

ARTS Pick: Filmore

Fan favorite: He may be labeled a country singer, but Filmore’s music doesn’t fit neatly into one category. Whether he’s adding electronic beats or R&B elements, or picking up the occasional banjo, the young Missourian puts a fresh twist on country music traditions, and it’s garnered him millions of streams. The musician is also known […]