The Southern Cafe and Music Hall

Wes Swing unveils his new album, And The Heart, at the Southern on Friday. Publicity photo.

ARTS Picks: Wes Swing

The second album from chamber pop cellist Wes Swing traces its origin to California, Texas and Washington, D.C. While composing in San Francisco, Swing struggled to overcome a wrist injury, before reconnecting with producer Paul Curreri (living in Austin at the time) who was facing his own physical challenge. Once collaboration on the new pieces […]

Photo courtesy of Tara Arseven.

ARTS Picks: Krish Mohan

Indian stand-up comedian and writer Krish Mohan avoids the easy jokes, choosing instead to build funny stories by forcing the audience into his shoes. His 2016 album, How Not To Fit In, runs through a list of awkward topics such as a dolphin with six arms, the lack of originality in racism and interpreting American […]