The Paramount Theater

PICK: Riverdance in HD

Stepping back: It’s been 25 years since Riverdance busted Irish dancing out of a Dublin arena and hooked the world into its Vegas-style showcase of step dancing to infectious Celtic rhythms. Filmed in February 2020, Riverdance in HD brings us back to that pre-masked time when arm-in-arm high kicks were taken for granted, and sweaty spins […]

The Paramount reopens for moviegoers with a screening of Best in Show. Getty Images

PICK: Best in Show

Show going: Do you miss the excitement of watching a story unfold on the big screen? A sense of communion with fellow audience members? The iconic concessions? With new releases on hold, the Paramount is bringing some classics back to the theater, starting with Christopher Guest’s riotous satire Best in Show. The ensemble cast features […]