The Paramount Theater

Phillip Glass' Akhnaten premieres in The MET Live in HD at the Paramount on Saturday. Image: Richard Hubert Smith

ARTS Pick: Akhnaten

Ancient outlier: Phillip Glass’ mystical, trance-like opera Akhnaten transcends time to explore the life and psyche of the 13th-century B.C. pharaoh of ancient Egypt. The Met Live in HD’s premiere illuminates the fundamental ways that Akhnaten tried to change the way his people thought about their gods and spirituality by using creative lighting, soaring orchestral […]

Peppa Pig and her friends bring their live action adventure to the Paramount Theater Wednesday, September 25. Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Peppa Pig

Mudslinging fun: Back in July, animated anthropomorphic British icon Peppa Pig got into a friendly Twitter takedown with rapper/model Iggy Azalea. When Peppa announced that she’d be dropping My First Album on the same release date as Azalea’s latest, the Aussie singer at-replied, “It’s over for me now.” The Peppa Pig account responded with “Peppa’s […]

Funny things happen when Tom Segura brings his act to the Paramount on Sunday. Publicity image.

ARTS Pick: Tom Segura

Humor mill: Stand-up comedian Tom Segura dishes out deadpan takes on everything from family matters—the key to marriage is “intimidation and fear;” his “stupid cousin” wants to invent a way to drive his car with a cell phone—to getting older and “confusing words like conscious and conscience.” The Netflix and Comedy Central regular finds the […]