The Paramount Theater

Peppa Pig and her friends bring their live action adventure to the Paramount Theater Wednesday, September 25. Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Peppa Pig

Mudslinging fun: Back in July, animated anthropomorphic British icon Peppa Pig got into a friendly Twitter takedown with rapper/model Iggy Azalea. When Peppa announced that she’d be dropping My First Album on the same release date as Azalea’s latest, the Aussie singer at-replied, “It’s over for me now.” The Peppa Pig account responded with “Peppa’s […]

Funny things happen when Tom Segura brings his act to the Paramount on Sunday. Publicity image.

ARTS Pick: Tom Segura

Humor mill: Stand-up comedian Tom Segura dishes out deadpan takes on everything from family matters—the key to marriage is “intimidation and fear;” his “stupid cousin” wants to invent a way to drive his car with a cell phone—to getting older and “confusing words like conscious and conscience.” The Netflix and Comedy Central regular finds the […]