The Jefferson Theater

Frank Turner. Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Frank Turner

While making his sixth album, Positive Songs for Negative People, British folk-punk rocker Frank Turner thought a lot about debut albums. A debut is a band’s introduction into the world, and Turner says he wanted to “try and make a record that had that young, exciting feel, full of piss and vinegar” that truly captures […]

Wale brings his most personal work to date, inspired by “Seinfeld,” to the Jefferson on Monday. Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Wale

On his recent release, The Album About Nothing, Washington D.C., hip-hop musician Wale has a lot of relatable things to say. The deeply personal album lightens up through its connection to the popular ’90s TV show “Seinfeld,” even featuring a guest appearance by the comedian as its narrator (Wale refers to Jerry Seinfeld as his “conscience”), and […]

ARTS Pick: TEDxCharlottesville

TEDx presentations are powerful incubators of ideas and actions ranging from self-help inspirations to world-saving suggestions. Hear what’s on the minds of local thinkers at the TEDxCharlottesville Open Mic and cast a vote to move the top talkers forward so they may share with a bigger audience; just one way to do your part in […]