The Jefferson Theater

Kick off your weekend with The Legwarmers on Friday at the Jefferson. Publicity image.

ARTS Pick: Legwarmers

Get down on it: Whether you were of age to enjoy the ’80s chart-toppers at the time or just think they are totally rad, it’s easy to fall into the groove at a Legwarmers show. Since 2001, Gordon Gartrell, Cru Jones, Chet Reno, Lavaar Huxtable, Roxanne Rio, Captain Morgan Pondo, and Clarence McFly have been […]

Hiss Golden Messenger perform with vulnerability on new album Terms of Surrender, and live at the Jefferson on Saturday.  Publicity image.

ARTS Pick: Hiss Golden Messenger

Hiss honesty. M.C. Taylor has been playing music as Hiss Golden Messenger for more than 10 years. His style, though memorable, is hard to categorize as squarely folk, Americana, or gospel. Sure, there is mandolin and a folky twang, but on the next track you might be surprised by an electronic piano. The things that […]

The Hangover Ball at the Jefferson a cure for the overstuffed with tunes from Erin & The Wildfire, Lord Nelson, and Will Overman. Publicity image.

ARTS Pick: Hangover Ball

Thanks, I’m out. Powder-dry turkey leftovers, crusty chunks of stuffing, gelatinous gravy, and pie that’s been hacked at all angles by a variety of utensils and fingers. This is the reality of the day after Thanksgiving. Get outta there before there’s another load of dishes to dry, and shake off the tryptophan at the Hangover […]