Southern Cafe and Music Hall

Pick: Zoom Comedy Hour

Pick: Zoom Comedy Hour

An hour of laughter: These aren’t the funniest of times, but given the circumstances, a little laughter is more important than ever. Comedians Chris Alan and Winston Hodges have you covered with their Zoom Comedy Hour. Beaming live sets and gags online, the popular local comedians bring their regular standup gig to your living room, […]

Blackalicious celebrates the 20th anniversary of Nia at the Southern on Thursday. Publicity image.

ARTS Pick: Blackalicious

Back on the beats: When Blackalicious’ first album, Nia, was released in 1999, critics praised the duo for their rap skills, production style, and ability to push hip-hop in a new direction. Following up with the equally compelling Blazing Arrow (2002) and The Craft (2005), Chief Xcel and Gift of Gab took 10 years to […]

The Iguanas take over the Southern with their eclectic cultural mix on Saturday. Publicity image.

ARTS Pick: The Iguanas

Americana crossroads: New Orleans-based group The Iguanas broaden the geographical scope of what’s considered Americana. Drawing heavily from Latin music with lyrics in both English and Spanish, the band’s songs cross cultures, styles, and languages. After almost 30 years and eight studio albums, the four-piece has gone from house band to bringing down the house […]