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Album reviews: Best-and-rest of 2019

Album reviews: Best-and-rest of 2019

Not sure why, but in 2019 I spent a lot of time with a relatively few new albums, so apologies to the stuff I didn’t listen to enough. Here’s an idiosyncratic best-of, the albums I listened to all year (in more or less chronological order), with a “rest-of”—albums I liked almost as much, or loved […]

Shafiq Husayn brings an A-list guest list on The Loop. Image: Eric Coleman

Album Reviews: Budos Band, Anderson .Paak, Shana Cleveland, Chris Forsyth, Wilma Vritra, and Shafiq Husayn

Budos Band V (Daptone) Pseudos Band? As part of the Daptone stable, Budos Band excels at dialing in various flavors—the collective has helped supply spot-on retro soul tracks for Sharon Jones and Lee Fields, and their own instrumentals have shown up on commercials, video games, and soundtracks for Tequila 1800, MLB: The Show, and “Entourage.” […]