Rivanna Conservation Alliance

The Rivanna River and trails are seeing more patrons than usual, as people search for a reprieve from quarantine. Photo: Jack Looney

Stop and smell the roses: COVID has changed the way we’re relating to nature

  Just about everything has changed in the last month—and as our habits have shifted, so has our relationship with the local environment. “People aren’t flying, people aren’t driving,” says Jamie Brunkow, the senior advocacy manager of the James River Association. Those transportation changes have effects for our air and our water. “Typically we think […]

RVA’s stormwater planters function like an elevated rain garden. Photo: Stephen Barling

Water works

By Bonnie Price Lofton If rainwater doesn’t seep, sponge-like, into the soil around us, it runs away somewhere. In Charlottesville, where much of the ground is covered with impermeable asphalt, it runs into stormwater drainage systems, ditches, and streams that eventually lead into the Rivanna River. That creates two problems: first, without earth to filter […]