Phil Wendel and Tom Garrett don't break a sweat at today's ACAC tour.
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Tom Garrett on job creators tour

Congressional candidate Tom Garrett is back in Charlottesville today a week after he debated Dem Jane Dittmar at the Senior Center. The two are vying for the 5th District seat currently held by Robert Hurt, who decided not seek a third term. C-VILLE caught up with Garrett, a state senator, at ACAC, where owner Phil […]

Donald Trump has tweeted his objections about the affirmation that must be signed to vote in Virginia's March 1 Republican primary.
Photo: Amanda Maglione

GOP loyalty: Primary pledge draws mixed reaction among local Republicans

Virginia has a history of parties requiring primary voters to affirm they’re loyal Democrats or Republicans. However, three African-American pastors who are Donald Trump supporters filed a lawsuit claiming the pledge required by the state GOP—“My signature below indicates I am a Republican”—will discourage minorities and the poor from voting in the March 1 primary. […]