RaShall Brackney

This Week, 7/24

In almost six years of living in Charlottesville, I’ve had two noteworthy encounters with the police. The first time was several years ago, when I left my wallet on the curb in Woolen Mills (don’t ask). A CPD officer not only noticed it and picked it up, he found my email address online and then […]

RaShall Brackney has had a challenging year as Charlottesville police chief, but says she has no regrets about taking the job.
Eze Amos

One year in: Police Chief RaShall Brackney talks civilian review board, sexism, style, and more

RaShall Brackney took the job as Charlottesville police chief a year ago, despite the notoriety the department faced following the violence of August 2017, the damning indictment of the Heaphy report, and the abrupt departure of her predecessor, Al Thomas. Although she hasn’t flinched from the public drubbing that came with the job, could anyone […]