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Former Police Chief Al Thomas is still collecting a paycheck. Photo by Eze Amos

In brief: City departures, a random drawing and Coran’s cannabis (or lack thereof)

City departures Besides the abrupt retirement of former police chief Al Thomas, City Attorney Craig Brown will head out the door after 32 years for a new gig as Manassas’ first city attorney. In addition, Charlottesville’s spokesperson Miriam Dickler will sign off early next year, and Commonwealth’s Attorney Dave Chapman is filing his final briefs […]

The Charlottesville police department has come under fire for showing up at the homes of local activists to inquire about their plans for the July 8 Ku Klux Klan rally. Chief Al Thomas has said he’s worried about local citizens making poor choices.

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Police show up at activists’ doors

A couple of weeks ago at a community meeting, Chief Al Thomas said he wasn’t worried about handling the KKK at its July 8 rally. What concerned him more were local citizens making “poor choices.” Now some are wondering if local police made poor choices in showing up at activists’ homes and asking about their […]