Neal Guma

Robert Polidori’s aim is to capture in a photograph of rooms with many coats of different colored flaking paint the quality of a painting. Courtesy of the artist

New show at Neal Guma lures with hyper-reality

According to Neal Guma, what unites the four photographers in his current show is an approach to photography that is painterly. While Ljubodrag Andric and Robert Polidori often seek out subjects that can look like paintings and play with our perception of them, Markus Brunetti and John Chiara use photography as a painter might paint, […]

Holly Andres is known for using multiple images to tell a story, such as  in "The Fallen Fawn" series. Photo courtesy Neal Guma

Neal Guma gallery assembles a striking group show

With just five photographs on view, Neal Guma has assembled a richly satisfying show featuring some of the most interesting photographers working today at his new, eponymously named gallery on Third Street. While different in terms of style, approach and subject matter, the work is linked by a sense of mystery, foreboding and even danger. […]