Kevin Quick's killers get life sentences. Photo courtesy Waynesboro Police

Quick trial resumes

Brothers have testified against each other and an ex-girlfriend has been pitted against her former boyfriend in a retrial for the suspects in the murder of Waynesboro Police Reserve Captain Kevin Quick after a May mistrial. Quick, a 45-year-old father, was reported missing January 31, 2014, and his body was found in Goochland County a […]

Sue and John Graham leave Albemarle Circuit Court. Staff photo

Search warrant upheld: Judge denies motion to suppress evidence in Jesse Matthew case

An attorney for Jesse Matthew called the search warrant for Matthew’s Hessian Hills apartment so broad it amounted to a “fishing expedition” because it didn’t limit what could be considered trace evidence and biological material. At a January 21 hearing, Judge Cheryl Higgins denied the defense motion to suppress evidence collected. The parents of Hannah […]