Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert brings her smart, sassy country songs to John Paul Jones Arena on Thursday. Photo: Ellen Von Unwerth

ARTS Pick: Miranda Lambert

Nashville smash: Superstar Miranda Lambert has a powerful voice, and a striking capacity for emotional depth. She sings female rage songs like “Gunpowder and Lead” and “Mama’s Broken Heart,” aimed at abusive partners and cheaters, and she can tone it down in sentimental crooning ballads, such as “The House That Built Me.” The country queen […]

Miranda Lambert expands the tropes of trucks and shotguns to include party girls in charge. Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Miranda Lambert

Coming up as a teenage country singer, Miranda Lambert was disenchanted by the pop music style that Nashville starmakers tried to push on her. Instead, Lambert blazed her own groove down the well-worn path of traditional country music and defined herself with hits such as “Gunpowder and Lead,” “The House That Built Me” and “Little […]