Mind & Body

Halo Salt Spa offers visitors the chance to do yoga in a room lined with bricks of pink Himalayan salt, which emit negative ions into the air. Photo by Martyn Kyle

Negative ions may have a positive effect on your health

Winter is here, which means daylight is scarce and cold temperatures make most people want to spend a majority of their time indoors. This lack of exposure to sunlight can cause what is classically called “the winter blues,” a mild depression that is clinically referred to as Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. Many people treat […]

Mary Michaud’s apothecary is full of Mason jars containing tinctures, flower essences and oils, all used to treat a variety of ailments. Photo by Martyn Kyle

Mary Michaud takes a holistic approach

During this year’s Belmont Bash, Mary Michaud spent hours weeding her front yard on Levy Avenue. She thought that passersby kept looking at her funny, and once she’d pulled the last weed from the ground and stood up to admire her work, she saw why: She had left all of the dandelions behind. “My neighbors […]