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YOU Issue: Single-stream recycling

YOU Issue: Single-stream recycling

Here’s what readers asked for: I’ve heard that it’s all a sham and it all just goes into a landfill, that the processes are super inefficient compared to regular recycling programs. I know many folks who don’t bother recycling at all because they don’t believe the city separates the recyclables from the garbage.—Kathleen Herring By […]

Peter van der Linde, owner of Van der Linde Recycling, announced the shuttering of the company's household waste processing facility to focus on construction and demolition debris. File photo

Van der Linde dumps its recycling program

By Natalie Jacobsen On February 19, the area’s main transfer station for trash and recycling haulers, Van der Linde Recycling, abruptly shuttered its household waste processing facility. The sudden halt jolted Charlottesville and the counties that have relied on Van der Linde as the focal transfer station for processing recycled materials placed into customers’ all-in-one-bins. […]