Lucy Dacus

Lucy Dacus performs at The Southern Wednesday, March 7. Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Lucy Dacus answers some big questions

Being cautious has never been in Lucy Dacus’ playbook. Comfortable with big questions and lyrically confident, Dacus is still riding a wave of accolades from her debut, No Burden, an album that pegged her as someone to watch. Of her latest release, Historian, C-VILLE’s Nick Rubin says Dacus delivers “disarming frankness and old-soul wisdom.” Supported […]

Richmond’s Lucy Dacus didn’t go searching for a music career, but it found her anyway. She made her first record, No Burden, on a lark, as a school project for a friend. Recorded in just one day, critics raved about the album, a bidding war began, and she signed with Matador Records a few months after its release. Publicity photo

Lucy Dacus sets course for big topics on second record

On “Troublemaker Doppelgänger,” a bluesy jaunt from Lucy Dacus’ debut album, the singer-songwriter posits, “No child is born knowing there’s an ugly or evil thing / When did my folks stop covering my eyes?” It’s a thesis statement of sorts for No Burden, a record that explores the responsibilities of adulthood. The cover art features […]