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Artist-musician Thomas Dean started his own imprint, Infinite Repeats, as a way to document and preserve great independent music being made in the commonwealth. Photo Credit: Tristan Williams

Keeping tracks: Thomas Dean loops in Virginia-based bands on his new indie label Infinite Repeats

Thomas Dean takes unusual pleasure in digging through crates of junky records. It’s partly the aroma of acidic paper inserts mingling with that of musty cardboard sleeves. It’s partly weirdo cover art, bonkers band names, and eyebrow-raising (or head-shaking) album titles. But mostly, it’s the music. Dean loves the thrill of sliding a random slab […]

Shagwüf celebrates five years as a band with a special show at IX Art Park Saturday, May 25. Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Shagwüf

Sally Rose leads her trio Shagwüf in Sweet Freakshow, an anniversary performance to celebrate five years of stirring up crowds with the group’s psychedelic, retro swagger. “The most punk thing you can do in divisive times is to write music and try and bring bodies together, to sweat and celebrate being alive and compassionate,” says […]