Live Music

Lead singer Neil Fallon of Clutch is back on the road after recovering from a spinal injury made worse by years of head-banging.

ARTS Pick: Clutch

Hard rock never lost its appeal for fans of the Maryland-based band Clutch. Even after scaling back the long jams on its tenth studio album, Earth Rocker, the fret-shredding foursome still reigns as an unapologetic homage to the founders of heavy metal. Trading on clever lyrics emitted with a growl and pushing the limit on […]

Cate LeBon returns to the Southern with her introspective, often morbid, easy listening tunes.

ARTS Pick: Cate Le Bon

The title of singer Cate Le Bon’s latest release, Mug Museum, conveys a simple whimsy, along with the special offer of a handcrafted mug accessory, but fans know of the brooding complexity that lies beneath its quirky exterior. Often compared to the dark folk songstress Nico, Le Bon’s music is moody, captivating, and infused with […]

Boxwave merges hypnotic, fuzzed-out bass with slapping, coercive rhythms for a progressively good time at The Whiskey Jar.

ARTS Pick: Boxwave

The Richmond-based rock duo Boxwave features John Mustachio on bass and Brad Ellsworth on percussion in a minimal act that strives to invigorate the often ignored rhythm section. Spartan and unassuming, Ellsworth provides enthusiastic backing to Mustachio’s gritty playing in a guerrilla rock attack that fuses funk and jazz into extravagant, melodic flights. The pair appears […]