Live Music

Ohana looms large in the feel good, hyponotic jams of Santa Barbara’s reggae-tinged Iration, which brings much love to the Jefferson.

ARTS Pick: Iration

Sunny California meets the Aloha spirit in the alt-reggae troupe Iration, comprised of childhood friends Joseph Dickens, Adam Taylor, Cayson Peterson, Micah Pueschel, and Joseph King. The five-piece is currently gigging on its third release, Automatic, which features a collaboration with Cage the Elephant guitarist Lincoln Parish. The album skyrocketed up the Billboard and iTunes […]

Hippie drums get hardcore with Blooddrunk Troll's performance during an evening of Virginia-based Thrash.

ARTS Pick: Blooddrunk Troll

Mention hand drums to most metal heads and you’re likely to get virulent responses, or worse. But the members of local band Blooddrunk Troll prove that hippie drums can be hardcore. John Jones, the dark master of the hand drum, bangs out serious beats on his djembe, laying the foundation for Luke “Beer Troll” Smith’s […]

The Kopecky Family Band proves that you can choose your family after all. The unrelated party of six plays the Southern on Thursday.

ARTS Pick: Kopecky Family Band

Experience runs thicker than blood with dynamic folksters Kopecky Family Band. Shared circumstances rather than chromosomes drew the six Nashville natives together to form a group with thoughtful, emotive lyrics and booming, intelligent musical arrangements. Its latest record, Kids Raising Kids, experiments with sound, building on the rich country history and playful pop beats that […]