Live Arts

The Playground of Empathy exhibition “Walk in My Shoes Closet,” created and built by Micah Kessel, Annie Temmink, Kelley Van Dilla, and Adrienne Dent, will be open for exploration at Live Arts on July 26 and 27 as a bookend to the teen production of Rent. Photo courtesy of subjects

Fitting room: Local artists invite you to try on empathy in “Walk in My Shoes Closet”

By Nina Richards To Micah Kessel, assumption is the enemy of empathy. Empathy is the realization that each person has different, and equally valid, experiences and emotions that inform our every move. Which is why Kessel, Kelley Van Dilla, Adrienne Dent, and Annie Temmink have created an immersive experience to prompt empathic thinking and choice-making […]