Linda Zuby

Linda Zuby gathers an all-female cast to sing an eclectic set of show tunes for A View From Some Broads, as part of Four County Players’ Songs in the Cellar cabaret series. Photo by Linda Hogan

A View From Some Broads breaks with casting tradition

In “Bosom Buddies,” the famous duet from the Broadway musical Mame, eccentric bohemian and title character Mame Dennis gives her friend, actress —and famed lush—Vera Charles a bit of advice: “I feel it’s my duty to tell you it’s time to adjust your age / You try to be Peg O’ My Heart, when you’re […]

Love Letters starring Linda Poser and Kenneth H. Waller runs through February 12 at Four County Players. Photo by Linda Hogan

Romance grows through correspondence at Four County Players

Hollywood tells us that romance unfolds in a montage, in sparkling date nights and lazy Sunday mornings and in the inescapable gravity of consistent, insistent closeness. But as a veteran of long-distance relationships (I’m talking 10,000-mile commutes), I can attest that sometimes love grows in our absence from each other. The space that separates two […]

Broadway vets and married couple Kenneth H. Waller and Linda Poser star in Love Letters at Four County Players.

ARTS Pick: Love Letters

A.R. Gurney’s Love Letters takes a poignant look at what passes between two people who share a deep bond despite vastly different lives. Childhood friends Melissa and Andrew correspond over 50 years, revealing a lifelong connection that examines multiple angles of human emotion. Broadway vets and real-life married couple Linda Poser and Kenneth H. Waller […]