Les Yeux du Monde

Annie Harris Massie’s new works capture the subtleties of color and light played over area landscapes in paintings such as “Cobalt Crossing into the Pond.”
Image courtesy of the artist

Annie Harris Massie invites contemplation at Les Yeux du Monde

“No matter what her subject, whether it’s her own yard, landscapes, or those magnified close ups of the viburnum or hydrangea,” says Les Yeux du Monde Gallery Director Lyn Warren about Annie Harris Massie, “They’re all bathed in light that unifies them, abstracts them and de-materializes them.” In addition to her virtuosity at capturing light, […]

John Borden Evans's show, "John Borden Evans: Blue Moon" is on view at Les Yeux du Monde art gallery through November 11. Photo by Martyn Kyle

First Fridays: November 2

In the early hours of February 1, John Borden Evans was out for his regular run through Walnut Creek Park when he paused to memorize the landscape before him. He noticed how the setting moon hung low and bright in the sky, how the moonlight radiated through striated clouds to bathe the mid-winter trees, grass, […]