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Everybody wants quality care for their kids, but low-income families who don’t qualify for federal assistance are often stuck in the middle and forced to make sacrifices. File photo.

Childcare crunch: What happens if you’re not poor enough for federal aid?

This is the third installment of a four-part series on childcare in Charlottesville. The first story looked at choices parents make in regards to their careers, with input from working parents and stay-at-home moms. Part two focused on the most expensive options in the area and families’ financial sacrifices for quality.  Parents and providers agree that every […]

Children at Our Neighborhood Child Development Center spend hours outdoors each day, which owner Jennifer McDonald said is essential to their growth. Photo: Elli Williams

Top quality childcare doesn’t come cheap

Charlottesville is home to a broad spectrum of childcare providers, from nanny-shares and under-the- table babysitters to corporate-owned centers that cost as much as college tuition. Parents are faced with tough decisions before even giving birth, and families everywhere have the same question: Why is childcare so expensive? Tuition for top-notch centers in Charlottesville can […]