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Close up of a burning tiki torch on a blurred colored background.

This week in brief: Snuffing out tiki torches, ‘really dank bud’ and too cute puppies

Candles in, tiki torches out Just ahead of Jason Kessler’s March 6 lawsuit against the city complaining that City Manager Maurice Jones unconstitutionally denied his permit for a two-day August 12 anniversary rally—Jones also denied five other applicants’ permit requests for the weekend—City Council updated its event permit regulations February 20. 45-day notice if street […]

John Adams and Mark Herring. Courtesy photos

Germ of an idea: How to disinfect dirty politics

False equivalence makes me sick. Likely it does the same to you, too, even if you don’t recognize the symptoms. It’s rhetorical MRSA, an indestructible super-bug that infects the mind and body politic. And as has been widely reported, a new strain of contagion took hold on August 15 when the 2016 Electoral College Winner […]

Nancy Damon took her mother-in-law, 102- year-old Grace Damon, to vote early. The registrar brought her ballot out to the car. Photo courtesy of Nancy Damon

Girl power: Locals proud to stand with her

Born in 1914, Grace Damon was 6 years old when women were given the right to vote. And while few can say they’ve been politically active for nearly a century, this 102-year-old Democrat was chauffeured to the polls October 12 to cast her ballot early for the person she hopes will become the first female […]