The Charlie Ballantine Trio plays UVA's Brooks Hall this Sunday, January 27. Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Charlie Ballantine Trio

Charlottesville Jazz Society kicks off its concert season with guitarist Charlie Ballantine and his trio. Ballantine’s music pays homage to his childhood in the Midwest through a unique melding of folk and jazz. Among his influences are some of the greatest jazz, rock, and pop musicians of the ’60s and ’70s, and his latest release, […]

ARTS Pick: Twins with Twang

ARTS Pick: Twins with Twang

It’s not a typo—The Brother Brothers are named that for a reason. Adam and David Moss are identical twins with a shared love of country and folk music, and it shows in the tunes the duo creates and performs. After pursuing individual music careers, the brothers came together in 2016 to tour as one act. Although […]